Star Wars Franchise Overview

Divided into three sets, the Star Wars franchise can be classified into sequels, prequels and originals. Then there are several television series, radio shows, game series and more. In this and future series of articles we will only look at the original series and its influence over modern day space exploration and technology.

We all know of the influence that Star Wars had on popular vernacular. Many of the terms and words used in the franchise have become commonplace in science and technology. Take for instance back in 1983 when US President Ronald Reagan called for the Strategic Defense Initiative that would rely on missiles, particle beams and space lasers to deter enemies of United States. Critics of the time began referring to this as the Star Wars initiative.

In this system, some of the deterrents would be placed in space while others would be on the ground. There would be a network of space and earth based lasers that could easily bring down enemy missiles much before they reached their ground targets. Then there were ideas to use surface-to-air missiles placed strategically around the country that could shoot down anything in the air. All these things were ideas back then inspired by the Star Wars franchise but over time, the program itself led to the building of items like the Extended Range Interceptor.

Unfortunately, this program could not sustain itself thanks in part to budget constraints and fears of violating the anti-ballistic missile treaty.

Duplicates or Look-alikes

Ever seen an image of Mimas – the Saturn moon? You might have mistaken it as a Death Star. Low resolution images of this moon and that of the initial Death Star are eerily similar. In real life the moon has large circles on one side while the other is perfectly round. Then there’s the moon Iapetus that NASA has referenced as Star Wars. This moon has a light and dark side, much like the story of Star Wars. Any planet that has two suns automatically gets the Star Wars treatment as it is what Luke Skywalker’s home planet had. Tatooine too had two stars and as it stands currently majority of planets currently orbit around two stars! Recent surveys and studies have now given us concrete evidence of planets within habitable zones of twin stars that we can start focusing on to get better understanding of.

It is now believed that such planets and their existence might be more common than previously thought.

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