Lego Space Shuttle Scheduled For Launch 2017

LEGO recently announced their latest creation – a space shuttle set that will go on sale in 2017 and it promises to be a space fan’s dream.

Displaying their latest creation at the New York Toy Fair 2017, LEGO gave glimpses of its entire collection along the same line. This is a 3-in-1 explorer set with total of 285 pieces and will feature under the LEGO Creator line. The retail price for the set should be around $30.

While the main attraction of this build is the space shuttle, there are several hallmark features though. Take for instance the shuttle’s payload doors opening up, the satellite and robotic arm inside. It even comes with miniature figures of an astronaut with a jetpack.

LEGO has made several shuttle kits in the past but the latest addition is clearly different in several aspects. Remember the Utility Shuttle kit from 2015? It was relatively smaller with larger canopy pieces and big fins on the tail. This particular build though has brick built nose and tail that sports curved pieces with slopes and angles giving greater versatility in rebuilds.

The space shuttle and all its pieces though aren’t just limited to the space shuttle build. There are two more models that one can make from these pieces. They include a rover for roaming and a planetary base for astronauts to make a trip towards in future.

This particular Space Shuttle Explorer set will be available worldwide from August 1st and is the ideal companion for the Robo Explorer 3-in-1 robot set that can also convert into robot dog or bird.

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