Our Family’s OBX Vacation of Fun in the Sun at Nags Head

My maternal grandmother’s side of the family gets together every summer for a family reunion full of fun in the Outer Banks. From the first summer I can remember at one of these family reunions, the OBX has been a central part of my experience on this planet. Our family gets a big beach house for a week each summer to celebrate our Outer Banks reunions. If you have never been fortunate enough to spend a vacation in the Outer Banks, follow along as I navigate my most recent week spent at a family reunion in the paradise of the OBX.

The House

The first thing I will say about staying in the OBX is that there are two ways you can go when it comes to beach houses. The primary thing you need to consider is whether or not you are willing to pay a premium for the beachside location on the island. Our family is sometimes willing to save some dough by renting a house off the beach, but we usually vote to get a house right on the beach. That is what we had this past summer. We were lucky enough to rent an eight-bedroom giant called American Pride that was located right by the beach in Nags Head. Three stories of lush living with balconies that provided the most brilliant ocean views. It had an awesome bar next to a pool table, which came in handy when one day when the rain decided to trap us inside. We booked the house through a company called Twiddy who are located on the Outer Banks. We found their outer banks vacation rentals to be the cheapest on the market.

Taking Turns to Feed the Horde

When you have several branches of a large family coming together, it is a colossal job just making sure everyone gets fed each day. Believe me, spending your days in the Outer Banks will fuel your appetite. You will plow through food like a farm worker after many of your days spent enjoying the fun and sun of the ocean lifestyle. My hours spent surfing definitely give me an outsized appetite, but even just lounging in the sun will make you hungrier than you might think.

Our family thinks that spending money to go out to eat or ordering carryout is expensive and wasteful for every meal. I think you will agree after you spend some time in the OBX. We find that letting each family take care of the cooking on alternating days is the best way to handle it. Going out to eat or ordering carryout for one meal is a good way to go in our experience. Cooking breakfast and making dinner is usually the way we do it. It is easy to get cheap carryout for lunch, and great sandwich shops are plentiful around Nags Head. Our family really loves Country Deli, but we also sometimes go with Jersey Mike’s, It’s All Gravy Italian Market or Yellow Submarine for sandwiches too.

Having Fun

Of course, the reason we choose the Outer Banks for our family vacations is that there is so much fun stuff to do. I love to surf when I am in the OBX, but other things my family and I love to get into when we are seaside include beachcombing, hiking, fishing, flying kites, playing Frisbee lounging in the sun and tossing around the pigskin.

One of the most recent additions to our family reunion is a day at First Flight Adventure Park in Nags Head. This epic obstacle course is both challenging and addicting. After two hours of climbing around the incredible obstacles, our family headed to It’s All Gravy Italian Market for the best Italian subs in the OBX.

Go with the Pool

One of the best things about our house American Pride was fantastic pool it came with. It also had a hot tub, which was fun for the adults at night. However, the pool is the central feature that I feel is essential for our huge gathering at the beach. With so many kids in one place, we need easy ways to burn off their energy. Having the pool right there is awesome when the kids are getting rambunctious. We simply send them out to play in the pool, and an hour or two later they are much calmer and easier to control.

I have absolutely loved every family reunion I’ve spent in the OBX. Our family loves it, and I guarantee you will have an amazing time if you check it out for yourself. The Outer Banks is a magical part of the world that amazes everyone who is fortunate enough to see it. I can’t wait until I get to go back again next summer.

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