The Best Uses of Slow Cookers

Busy individuals know coming home from work and having to cook a meal is daunting after a long day. This is where slow cookers can be the most valuable small appliance in the kitchen. Having dinner ready as soon as you arrive home is a convenience that is much appreciated. Did you know there are “other” uses of slow cookers you might not have considered? The best uses of slow cookers are the ones busiest individuals know well: stews, soups, pot roasts and sauces.

Give the Slow Cooker a Work Out

The busy cook knows that every kitchen needs a large and smaller volume slow cooker. Use the large volume slow cooker from large slow roasting meats and poultry. Give meats and poultry a savory spicy rub and place in the slow cooker. For comfort foods the family loves there’s nothing like Mac and cheese made in the a two-quart slow cooker or barbecued pulled pork that’s been slow cooked until fork tender. Add a salad and the meal is complete.

Fun with a Slow Cooker

Bill Jane from loves how much fun you can have. The larger four quart slow cookers are excellent for making lasagna that’s ready to eat. Place the ingredients in layers in the larger slow cooker and cook for several hours on a “slow” temperature.

Don’t Forget Slow Cooker Desserts

Did you know you can also make slow cooker desserts? For example, slow cookers make wonderful rice or bread puddings, as well as jellies and jams. Get creative with rice pudding by adding Mandarin oranges and a half cup of orange juice to the rice mixture. Everyone loves slow cooker chocolate bread pudding. The trick with slow cooker puddings is in the ingredients in the mixtures.

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Menus

There is nothing healthier than a slow cooked vegetarian meal. One tip is to use veggies that won’t macerate too quickly and to reduce the amount of liquid in the slow cooker. Use the slow cooker lid as a guide to moistness in foods. Some recipes for vegetarian menus call for lids to be removed for the last 15 minutes of the cooking process.

Types of Slow Cookers

The basic operation of slow cookers is to cook foods over a long period of time. Some slow cookers are manufactured with timers that allow the cooking process to automatically terminate when foods are done. Slow cookers are also referred to as “crock pots” when they are designed in the shape of stewing pots. Others can be as large as 11 quarts and be oval shaped. Slow cookers are usually sold with lids.

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